About me

I create, therefore I am ...

I am Automne, a French artist, creating her own BJDs since 2009 and laser cut objects since 2016.

Lasercut creations :

I started to create lasercut objets in 2016 to make doll accessories and furnitures. Since, I can't help using lasercut to create jewelry and random decorative objects.

Doll creations : 

I started to create my own BJDs in 2009. I made four doll models between 2009 and 2015, each one very different to the others.

There are so much possible doll faces and morphologies, so much body shapes I wanted to sculpt, that finaly, I started to design Idylle in 2015. 

Idylle is a doll model with many variants for each body part, so it is possible to compose more than 100 different dolls, changing the parts combination.

Today, Idylle dolls are not avalable anymore.